Elm Wood Writes Bell House: Episode Four

In July this year, we welcomed Year 6s from Elm Wood School to Bell House for our first ever school visit! Elm Wood pupils learned all about bees on a trip to our beehives, helped us make some beautiful quilts for premature babies at King’s Hospital, and brought the history of Bell House to life in our creative writing sessions.

This is the fourth episode in our weekly series Elm Wood Writes Bell House, showcasing the best of the poetry, diary- and story-writing from our time with the Year 6s. Today we bring you a vivid and dramatic story of shadows and light:

The Shadow

As I crawled out of my paper-white linen sheets, I tiptoed through the old oak creaking floorboards. I walked swiftly through the door into the pitch-black corridors of my new home. So many doors, so many rooms, each with their own unique touch. 

There was a lingering scent, a lingering feeling, as if the previous owners still roamed around freely, but I knew it wasn’t possible because the old owners are dead. Curious, I stumble through each room wondering about the use of having so many rooms. There was an old scent that reminded me of our old house back home, a farm. The beautiful flowers flowing back and forth in the greeny breeze. 

I stopped as I came across a cupboard, a cupboard so beautiful it was as if it had been crafted by angels from above. As I was admiring the cupboard, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a dark shadow hiding behind a wall, staring at me! 

It starts to walk towards me, but even in the light, it remains a shadow. It comes closer and closer, until I find myself running, screaming, but no one hears me. I climb into my bed and pretend nothing has happened, until the door slowly opens, as the gleaming light from my bedroom shows the shadow coming towards me….