Dyslexia Screeners at Bell House

Concerned about your child's literacy development? Do you feel your child's literacy skills need some further investigation? Are you wondering if your child may be dyslexic?

At Bellhouse, we are now offering the chance for students to be assessed using the Dyslexia Portfolio.

This is an individualised assessment that will be conducted by a specialist dyslexia assessor. It consists of a series of nine, short literacy and literacy-based processing tests which can then be used to create a profile of strengths and weaknesses and consider if the student is at risk of dyslexia.

The findings of the assessment can be used to develop individual teaching plans and programmes for the student and will provide suggestions of strategies to use with the student. After the assessment you will also get a short write up of the findings of the results and what they mean, so you are not left trying to decipher the scores.

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It is an ideal choice for either schools, or, parents/carers who have some concerns about a student's literacy development without the need to undertake the full diagnostic assessment. Please note, the results of the Dyslexia Portfolio assessment can be used as part of the full diagnostic assessment, if that is considered to be the best pathway for the student.

The Dyslexia Portfolio has a reduced financial commitment whilst still being a vital step to identifying dyslexia. The cost of the assessment is £120. Part of this goes towards providing reduced price assessments for students who would otherwise struggle to access it. If you are a teacher who would like to refer a student for a bursary place, please email [email protected]

The Dyslexia Portfolio can be used with students from the age of 6-15 years old. To book an assessment, or to find out more, please email [email protected].