Elm Wood Writes Bell House: Episode One

In July this year, we welcomed Year 6s from Elm Wood School to Bell House for our first ever school visit! The pupils learned all about bees and how honey is made on a trip round our beehives, and helped us make some beautiful quilts for premature babies at King’s Hospital.

They also explored the house itself, learning about Bell House and its place in local, national and global history, before bringing these histories to life in our creative writing sessions! This series, Elm Wood Writes Bell House, showcases the best of the poetry, diary- and story-writing from our time with the Year 6s. Read on for the first of these fantastic pieces:

! The Creak of a Floorboard !

In a wonderful house built in the Georgian times, there was a beautiful floorboard on every step except me…

This one had been named Creaker. The owner of the house set a challenge for the servants: whoever found out why the floorboard creaked would get a pay rise of ten shillings. All the servants went searching for an answer to this mystery.

Unlucky Boots, cleaner of shoes, was sitting under the creaky floorboard until late into the night. Boots got nothing for cleaning shoes except a place to stay. He was sick of cleaning shoes, so he lobbed the dirtiest one he could find at the floorboard - and the wood cracked, and fell down the stairs……

Bang ! Bang ! CLANG !

A silver object glittering in the moonlight. The handle was delicate, with intricate carvings on the hilt. It was a SWORD!

He ran to everyone and explained the story - but everyone thought it was a rumour and no one believed him. And everyone but Boots believed the mystery would continue to this day….