Elm Wood Writes Bell House: Episode Two

In July this year, we welcomed Year 6s from Elm Wood School to Bell House for our first ever school visit! Elm Wood pupils learned all about bees on a trip to our beehives, helped us make some beautiful quilts for premature babies at King’s Hospital, and brought the history of Bell House to life in our creative writing sessions.

This is the second episode in our weekly series Elm Wood Writes Bell House, showcasing the best of the poetry, diary- and story-writing from our time with the Year 6s. Today we bring you two poems, exploring the same story from different angles:

At last

At last my luck has finally come

The coat is forever mine

To think of all the dosh I’ll make!

This deserves a class of wine.


The money is now in my hands,

This deserves a citrus treat

I could go to distant lands

Something something blah blah blah YEET!


Away from my family

As my family were in poverty I had to steal,

A decision that later left me without a meal,

The only visible light in the village was the moon,

I entered the house shortly after noon,

There lay a blue livery as soft as sheep,

That I as a poor man aspired to keep,

Scrambling through the old oak door,

I broke the British Law

With not even a penny in my pocket,

I set on my way to St Paul’s Cathedral to make my fortune,

And give my family a decent portion,

But on the same day I got slaughtered,

And now I will never see my beloved daughter.