Elm Wood Writes Bell House: Episode Three

In July this year, we welcomed Year 6s from Elm Wood School to Bell House for our first ever school visit! Elm Wood pupils learned all about bees on a trip to our beehives, helped us make some beautiful quilts for premature babies at King’s Hospital, and brought the history of Bell House to life in our creative writing sessions.

This is the third episode in our weekly series Elm Wood Writes Bell House, showcasing the best of the poetry, diary- and story-writing from our time with the Year 6s. Today we bring you a skilfully illustrated diary entry, imagining a tragic fire from the perspective of our founder, Thomas Wright:

My dear diary, 

Today I woke up earlier than I usually would prefer. It was a sunny morning, yet not so peaceful - I was woken up to the blood-curdling screams of my horses shrieking. Worried, I left the comfort of my bed and flung myself at the window. Fire! My glorious stables were drenched in flames, eating up the oak panels, and more importantly - my precious horses! 

I could sense adrenaline rushing around my shaking body as I sprinted as fast as I could (just after waking up) to the bell. The bell rang loudly, and soon I saw fire-fighters running towards the burning stables.

I ran out holding a bucket of water, it was heavy but it did not stop me. I ran towards the flames - the heat was unbearable! I kicked down the door with all my strength and it snapped. I crawled in but the second I entered, it fell behind me. 

I was trapped!