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Lets Cook: Zero to Hero

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Just setting off for uni? Getting your own accommodation but only capable of cooking ‘cuisine a la ding’?

In this two-day course, the Let’s Cook Project team will take you from kitchen zero to a culinary hero with all the tips, tricks and techniques to fend for yourself whilst you’re away from home.

Over the course we'll cover essentials like safe knife skills, how to store and cook food safely, one pan cooking and even a few ‘wow not just how’ dishes for those times when you need to impress!

You will leave the course with a wealth of new skills, the confidence to cook great food and a much-reduced chance of contracting scurvy!

Heres just a taster of what is on the menu:

Getting Saucy

We cannot live on plain spaghetti alone! Not only are bottled sauces expensive but they're chock full of salt and sugar. We'll arm our brigade with a repertoire of simple sauces to bring any meal to life served at a fraction of the price and a generous side of self satisfaction.

Une oeuf is enough

In this course the egg definitely comes first! Scrambled, boiled, fried, poached or omelette if you have an egg you have a meal so we'll give our top tips and our cooks will get cracking! 

Nice to meat you

Time to get a little browned off? Well done , rare or blush? We'll cover the whys and wherefores of meat cookery - not only for safety but also for flavour and how to make a few cheaper cuts fit for a king!

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