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Family Philosophy: The Pre-Socratics


Are you curious about life’s big questions? Bell House has joined forces with The Philosophy Foundation to give young people and their parents an opportunity to explore some of philosophy’s big questions.

The Pre-Socratic Philosophers had some very mind-expanding ideas that young people love to explore: from questions of existence (does everything always change?) to questions of science (what is everything made of?)

This session will focus on helping participants explore Ancient Greek ideas together through conversations and activities. We will be running parallel sessions for adults and young people and then will give families an opportunity to share their ideas together.

All are welcome from beginners to those who have had an experience of philosophy before.

Tickets cost £5. Free and subsidised tickets are available. Email [email protected] for details.

The Philosophy Foundation is an award-winning Lewisham based charity with a mission to bring understanding, wisdom and flourishing to the heart of education for children and adults. They do this primarily by facilitating philosophical enquiry in schools , as well as in other learning communities and in the workplace.