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Touch-typing for Children with Dyslexia

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Bell House will be running a 4-day touch-typing course for children with dyslexia. The course is open to children in Years 5 – 7. 

This will be an introduction to touch-typing, taught in three hour sessions held over four consecutive days, led by Caroline Bateman from Achieve Now, dyslexia tutor and IT specialist. The sessions will be fun and interactive, focused on motivating the children to learn this vital skill. 

An online follow up session will be organised after the course in order to keep the skill going. 

Children who attend the course will continue to have access to the online software used in the lessons after the course is completed, and a keyboard to take home to practice on. 

Tickets cost £150. On booking we will email you asking about the age and typing ability of your child (although this is open for complete beginners!)

Who is this for? 

  • This course is for children with dyslexia, as they will benefit most from this multi-sensory style of teaching

  • It is for children who are currently in Years 5-7

What to bring? 

  • Laptop with full ability to connect to wireless internet

  • Headphones

  • A packed lunch (we ask that it is nut free please, in case of nut allergies)

Why Touch-typing?

Touch-typing can be hugely beneficial for a child with dyslexia, and getting used to using a computer early on can be very helpful.

If a child is confident touch-typing on a computer early on in their school life, then they are much more likely to be able to use a laptop for their exams later on at school. 

According to the British Dyslexia Association, ‘some dyslexic students find typing easier than handwriting, as the tactile element of pressing the keyboard can help with managing difficult words.’ It can be easy to correct mistakes, move words around and the computer is non-judgemental, giving children confidence.

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