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Navigating the SEND Legal Framework

Bell House and Connections in Mind Foundation are collaborating over the year to co-host a series of events focused on how adults can support children and young people to flourish. 

Stephanie Camilleri, also known as the ADHD advocate is a former Magic Circle Banking lawyer turned SEND advocate, certified ADHD coach, and mother to children with SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities). Stephanie will be presenting the talk on Navigating the SEND legal framework to secure the best possible educational and other outcomes for your children/young people including EHCPs (Education Health Care Plans).

Tickets cost £15. Bursary tickets are available - please email [email protected] for more information.

Education, SEND, legal frameworks and EHCPs

Stephanie will talk about the current system of education as it pertains to children and young people with SEND, including their legal entitlements to support at school both in and out of the borough. There will be a strong emphasis on EHCP popularly known in the SEND world as 'the golden ticket' and the many myths surrounding these much contested plans. The focus of Stephanie's talk will be on the procedure of obtaining EHCPs, the law that should be applied, parental preference around school placement and the role of the Local Authority. It will therefore be relevant to those just thinking about requesting an assessment for an EHCP, or are at the beginning, middle or end of the process, appealing before the tribunal, or are seeking to amend an existing EHCP for example, to increase SEN provision or to accommodate a school transition. 

Stephanie will seek to equip parents with the knowledge that they need to advocate for their children’s rights to support at school so that they can learn and thrive. Stephanie will discuss the “need to know” rules and regulations from the SEND Legal Framework that so many schools and Local Authorities fail to apply when making a decision to grant an EHCP assessment or EHCP. Often, it’s just hard to know where to start. Stephanie will step you through the process from beginning to the end – what to do when you first suspect your child has SEND, which professionals to consult for your child’s assessment and/or diagnosis as well as what evidence is required by the LA for the purpose of obtaining an EHCP. In addition, Stephanie will discuss what you can do if the school is not responsive, is failing to provide adequate support, or attempting to off-roll or exclude the child or young person.

You can’t insist on your rights, or the rights of your children, if you don’t know them. When you know better you do better

Stephanie’s talk is for parents and professionals. At the end of the talk there will be time for Q&A, followed by drinks in the foyer. Stephanie and The Connections in Mind Foundation team, who have extensive knowledge of SEND and ECHPs will be on hand to speak in more detail.

 About the speaker

Stephanie Camilleri is a SEND Advocate and lawyer, ADHD coach, Founder of the ADHD Advocate, and School Governor & Trustee of ADHD Action. Stephanie's passion and breadth of experience of the SEND legal framework, children and young people’s legal entitlements within schools, (mainstream, specialist and residential) and her work with Educational Health and Care Plan’s (EHCP) has placed her in a fortunate situation in which she is able to articulate her expansed knowledge.   SEND includes all physical, neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, conduct disorder learning difficulties and disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, mental health and behavioural concerns.

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