Bell House gives support to those with dyslexia from all backgrounds.  

Our vision is to complement what schools do, and to work with special educational needs teachers (SENCOs) and dyslexia organisations to offer:

- talks to help people understand dyslexia
- training for teachers and parents
- workshops for students, including typing courses
- courses where people with dyslexia excel
- dyslexia events for specialist suppliers

We are volunteer-led and inclusive so please make contact with ideas and offers of help!

Forthcoming events:

LEARNING TO SLEEP How important do you think sleep is for your child's learning experience? Come and learn about the importance of healthy sleeping habits, and how you can promote these in your child.

NEVER HAVE TO ASK TWICE Children learn to tune us out when we nag, remind, lecture and criticise. This seminar will cover why children don’t listen and what parents can do to encourage children to listen and to follow instructions. Don’t miss the three stage approach for maximising cooperation.

Take a look at some of our past events: 

MY CHILD IS DIFFERENT This video contains edited highlights of a talk given by Elaine Halligan at Bell House, about parenting children with special needs.

TECH TIPS FOR DYSLEXICS This video contains edited highlights of a talk given by Caroline Bateman at Bell House on how technology can transform learning for dyslexics.

SPELLING TIPS Sir Linkalot (Andy Salmon) came to Bell House to run a workshop on his method for spelling success. He showed  children and adults how to create quick and funny rhymes that put the letters in a word in order, making them far easier to remember. 

LOST & FOUND! CELEBRATING DYSLEXIA A recent talk by Dr Marion Long giving an entirely positive, and very personal, view of dyslexia and how to make the most of the funkiness that it brings our lives. more details