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Dyslexia Fair


This September, Bell House is hosting its second dyslexia fair. A day dedicated to raising awareness and a chance for families and teachers to meet specialist suppliers, publishers, technological innovators and educators.

There will be stalls where you can try out different products designed to aid dyslexic learning and talk to specialists who have tips'n'tricks ready to help.

FREE EVENT - everyone welcome 

Throughout the day, there will be a timetable of interactive workshops suitable for children, teenagers and parents.

This time table is subject to change. 

10:30                         Organising access arrangements - Tina Hunter

11:00                          Overcoming dyscalculia and maths difficulties - Dynamo Maths 

11:20                          How to become a grade riser - Dr Susie Nyman 

11:50                          What is active learning and how can I use it at home - Oaka Books

12:10                          Affordable software solutions for dyslexia – Caroline Bateman

12:40                         How to use ClaroRead to make reading and writing less stressful

13:00                         Playing TRUGS games to inspire reading fun at home

13:20                         Creative Workshop: Igniting the Imaginations of Young Writers - Write Sparks (aged 9+)

13:30 Dyslexia and overcoming barriers to employment - A2iDyslexia

14:00                         The Importance of Touch Typing for Dyslexic Individuals – KAZ SEN 

14:15                          Creative Workshop: Igniting the Imaginations of Young Writers - Write Sparks (aged 5-8)

14:20                         What support your child is entitled to and how to get it – Helen Boden, CEO, British Dyslexia Association

14:50                         Breaking down barriers in dyslexia - Scanning Pens

15:10                          What is Executive Function – Connections in Mind Foundation

15:40                         Dyslexia friendly software for the computer and iPad - Nessy

16:00 Assistive Technology in Windows 10 and Office 360 – Arran Smith

Throughout the day we will also have an interactive station 'Have Your Say: What is Dyslexia to You?' and 1:1 Advice slots with Ruth Pierce (RP Dyslexia Services). 

Please note parking is not available on site - refer to contact page for information on transport.