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Duets - Artist Bruce Ingram - opening 12.00am


Artist and teacher Bruce Ingram presents a two-part exhibition ‘Duets’. Bruce has taken inspiration from the plants and foliage in the surrounding gardens of the house, gathering and fusing real and live elements alongside traditional sculptural materials and found objects. Bruce is interested in the Japanese form of flower arrangement ‘Ikebana’ his artwork extends the play between nature and object, composition and form. 

 Week beginning 11th June, Bruce has invited a group of year 12 art students from local schools to work inside and outside of the house, students will further deconstruct the works and experiment with making their own sculptural outcomes with similar materials. The outcome will form the second part of the exhibition and will be shown at a preview event on Wednesday 13th June.

 The project ‘Duets’ is an exploration of opposites, pairings and partnerships. Contrasts are explored through the use of the natural alongside the manmade. The heavy paired with the ephemeral. The element of creative play is further addressed through Bruce's collaboration with young people in reconfiguring his own work, breaking down the traditional notion of the teacher and student relationship.