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Thou Art Mental

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Are you interested in the arts and mental health? Join Dave Neita as he shares his observations on a range of artworks dealing with issues surrounding mental health. Dave will then facilitate a session where participants will be invited to create their own artworks, individually or as groups, in the form of poetry, prose or drawings.

Over the centuries, artworks of all genres - from fine art to music to film to drama - have routinely depicted and commented on themes surrounding mental health. Countless works of art, residing in museums and private collections, have been trying to speak to us over the ages about the very important subject of mental wellbeing and THOU ART MENTAL is an event designed to explore the messages enshrined in these multi-faceted works of art.

3-4pm: Dave Neita’s presentation on mental health in the arts

4-5pm: Creation and presentation of artwork on the theme of mental health

The speaker:

Dave Neita is a lawyer and poet with a keen interest in arts and culture. He has delivered a TED Talk (comprised of poetry) as well as numerous talks and seminars on a range of topics from law to poetry to mental health. He has been invited to speak in schools, prisons, palaces and churches (including St Paul’s Cathedral), both in the UK and internationally. 

Due to mature themes, this event is most suitable for participants aged 16+ although younger participants are welcome to join us. 

This event is free to attend - reserve your place now.

Donations can be made to the Bell House Charity on a voluntary basis here.